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Property Type: Villas / Townhouses /
Property for: Sale
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Country: Egypt
Governorate: Cairo
City: New Cairo
Sub(area/destrict): Villette
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Additional features
Unit type: check Stand Alone
check Townhouse
check Twin House
real estate egypt, cairo, new cairo, villette villas for sale, divided into طلوب ولديـــــــنا اراضى و شقق وفيلات وعمارات ومكاتب ومقرات اداريه ومحلات بالتجمع الخامس / التجمع الثالث / التجمع الاول الاحياء / النرجس / الياسمين / البنفسج الكمبوند / جنوب الاكاديميه / الشويفات / غرب اربيلا غرب الجولف / شمال المشتل ايجار قانون جديد / تمليك / مفروش بيع / وشراء / وايجار لحساب الغير لدينا العقار ولديك الاختيار
· only the preapproved clients will have the privilege of buying a unit in villette phase ii.

· payment plan will be as per the following:

Ø 4.5 years:

· 10% upon contracting.
· 90% over 18 equal quarterly installments. (1st installment after 3 months from contracting)

Ø 5 years:

· 15% upon contracting.
· 85% over 20 equal quarterly installments. (1st installment after 3 months from contracting)

Ø 5.5 years:

· 22.5% upon contracting.
· 77.5% over 22 equal quarterly installments. (1st installment after 3 months from contracting)

Ø 6 years:

· 27.5% upon contracting.
· 72.5% over 24 equal quarterly installments. (1st installment after 3 months from contracting)

v cash discount will be as per attached sheet. (الخصم الفوري لطرق سداد المشروع)

v maintenance fees to be calculated at 5% of the unit value excluding the basement value. the maintenance will be paid over 7 equal semiannual installments starting installment number 1 (3 months from contracting).

v town center (clubhouse) membership fees is set at egp 60,000 per unit. the town center will be paid over 7 equal semiannual installments starting installment number 2 (6 months from contracting).

v delivery in 3.5 years with 9 months grace period.

v unit ownership transfer to be allowed after the payment of installment #4.

v as you are all aware we have introduced different color schemes for the exterior of all our products, whereby in the villas, the client can choose the preferred color from 3 options available in our brochures at the time of the selection process. at the same time we have fixed the same 3 color schemes for the towns and twins in specific locations as indicated in the brochures.

our standard contracting policy is:

1. we do not accept partial payments for the contract signing amount or any installment.

2. clients who wish to contract for a unit must have personal cheques (contract cheque + cheques for the relevant installments, maintenance and clubhouse). the number of cheques will depend on the chosen payment plan ( 4.5, 5, 5.5 or 6 years).

3. clients who wish to buy more than one unit cannot combine installment payments into 1 cheque.

4. by no means we will accept cheques for the contract signing amount or any installment by someone other than the client or a 1st degree relative /husband and wife (except if its cash).

5. contract signing entails contract signing and depositing all relevant cheques.

6. means of payment will be via:

a. certified cheque by the bank (شيك مقبول الدفع)

b. cash

c. bank transfer

d. a cheque which is due on the same date of the contract signing date

7. contract payment cheque cannot be post-dated.

8. customers will not receive her/his copy of the contract until we receive a confirmation from the finance department that they\'ve received the payment (except if the means of payment was made via (a), (b), or (c). as soon as sales operations dept. receives this confirmation, the contract will be delivered to the pc in order for him to deliver it to the customer.

9. clients wishing to transfer the down payment, rather than giving it to the company via a cheque, will be required to transfer the down payment as the following:

- soreal for real estate investment (شركة سوريل للاستثمار العقاري ).

- the client must write the unit number and project in the transfer.

- account numbers are:

- 518410 - 3932 / egp / 220 : checks / transfers representing down payments

- 518410 - 3932 / egp / 221 : checks / transfers representing installments

- 518410-3932-usd-001 (usd current account)

- aaib swift code – mohandessin branch: araiegcxmoh

10. the sales ops department (the sales admin rep) will not book or block a unit (while the contract is processed) unless the pc submits the following documents:

- copy of the client’s id

- all cheques

- a complete manual booking form as the following:

a. complete all fields of the manual booking form except for the unit number field

b. fill out all the options of the clients in the newly added “client options” column

c. manual booking forms that have missing client information, brokers, payment plan will not be accepted

d. copy of client id must be stapled to the completed manual booking form

once these pre-requisites are fulfilled the unit will be blocked and the contract will be processed.

if you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to address them.
Additional features:
  1. Accounting
  2. Airport
  3. Amusement Park
  4. Aquarium
  5. Art Gallery
  6. ATM
  7. Bakery
  8. Bank
  9. Beauty Salon
  10. Bicycles Store
  11. Books Store
  12. Bowling Alley
  13. Bus Station
  14. Cafe
  15. Campground
  16. Cars Dealer
  17. Cars Rental
  18. Cars Repair
  19. Cars Wash
  20. Cemetery
  21. Church
  22. Cinema
  23. City Hall
  24. Clothing Store
  25. Convenience Store
  26. Courthouse
  27. Dentist
  28. Department Store
  29. Doctor
  30. Electrician
  31. Electronics Store
  32. Embassy
  33. Establishment
  34. Finance
  35. Fire Station
  36. Florist
  37. Food
  38. Funeral Home
  39. Furniture Store
  40. Gas Station
  41. General Contractor
  42. Grocery or Supermarket
  43. Gym
  44. Hair Care
  45. Hardware Store
  46. Health
  47. Home Goods Store
  48. Hospital
  49. Insurance Agency
  50. Jewelry Store
  51. Laundry
  52. Lawyer
  53. Library
  54. Local Government Office
  55. Locksmith
  56. Lodging
  57. Meal Delivery
  58. Meal Takeaway
  59. Mosque
  60. Movie Rental
  61. Moving Company
  62. Museum
  63. Painter
  64. Park
  65. Parking
  66. Pet Store
  67. Pharmacy
  68. Physiotherapist
  69. Place of Worship
  70. Plumber
  71. Police
  72. Post Office
  73. Real Estate Agency
  74. Restaurant
  75. Roofing Contractor
  76. RV Park
  77. School
  78. Shoe Store
  79. Shopping Mall
  80. Spa
  81. Stadium
  82. Store
  83. Subway Station
  84. Synagogue
  85. Taxi Stand
  86. Train Station
  87. Travel Agency
  88. University
  89. Veterinary Care
  90. Zoo
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EGP 8,450,000
New Cairo, Cairo
6 Bedrooms
EGP 11,630,000
New Cairo, Cairo
6 Bedrooms
EGP 11,630,000
New Cairo, Cairo
6 Bedrooms
EGP 7,760,000
New Cairo, Cairo
5 Bedrooms
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